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UV air purifier W11M

Item number:  W11M

Dimensions: 300*130*1080

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The UV air purifier is an effective appliance for preventing and combating airborne pathogens. It is designed to disinfect indoor air and can reduce the risk of infection of employees in the workplace. Proper air disinfection is highly relevant during seasonal SARS epidemic.

Effect: the air disinfection is achieved by means of a fan that forces air circulation through the casing. The anti-bacterial UV lamps inside the casing eliminate the pathogens and the clean disinfected air is released back into room.

The appliance is intended for air disinfection in rooms and departments in hospitals and other medical institutions, as well as educational institutions and various other types of public spaces.

UV air purifier is recommended to be placed on a wall or on a mobile platform to allow unrestricted air circulation.

Safe for use in the presence of people and domestic animals.

Reliable design: steel sheet casing with environmentally friendly epoxy coating. The casing provides vibration resistance and shock resistance and remain secure during transportation.

Additional feature: anti-dust filter for mechanical air filtration.

Easy to operate: the power button with light indication is located on the front of the air purifier.

High-quality components: We use ozone-free low pressure bactericidal UV lamps that are not subjected to mandatory certification.

Maintenance doesn't require any special tools. The change of lamps is quick and safe, the lid on the casing does not contain electrical connections.

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Technical parameters

Lamp power - 30W

Number of lamps - 2 pieces

Total lamp power - 60W

Voltage - 220V

Required power - 110 W

Noise level - under 40 dB

Casing material - powder coated metal sheet

Device type - wall-mounted

Lamp service life - 9000h

Number of fans - 2 pieces

Air processing rate - 100 m3 per hour

Bactericidal efficiency - 99 %

Additional features - anti-dust filter

Width - 300 mm

Depth - 130 mm

Height - 1080 mm

Weight, max - 7 kg

Warranty period - 12 months

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